Honorable Mention

Hear the Call

by Johanna Torbenson
Excelsior, MN United States
Casein and Ink
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Vision Statement

“Hear the Call” depicts a woman hearing the cries of three baby birds in a jungle. The idea behind the painting is to find opportunities to lift others- sometimes you hear the call to help a neighbor, or to foster a relationship with someone who is struggling. In Colombia, our family was able to experience the miracle of adoption when our three youngest children needed a family to care for them. The “mom” name tag sticker represents how strange it was to meet my children and become their mother in the same moment. The music represents my joy for our forever family. The cat represents our adoption of a kitten in need of a home and the instincts we have to care for the vulnerable. Additional symbolism in the work represents spirituality, choice and consequences, and the uniqueness of each individual human experience.