Painting – Acrylic

Framers and Foothills

by Michael Depue
$1300 USD

24x36x2 inches

About the Artist

Michael Kenneth Depue is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Oakhurst, California. A native of Michigan, where he studied graphic design and started a career as an exhibition designer, before computers, when designs were illustrated in gouache paint. Michael is a painter and photographer who takes great interest in exploring the abstract, the historical while exploring the hidden meaning.
He’s grateful of the fact that all forms of art are respected and that anything goes. As the artist explains, “Art can be as beautiful or outrageous, as joyful or rude, as sentimental or political – all supported by the freedom of expression.”
The acrylic painting titled “Framers and Foothills” is a most familiar face of California as farms are sold and turned into multi-track housing developments.