Digital Art

Chihuly Mandala

by Carol Nussbaum
$450 USD

18x24x0 inches

About the Artist

Carol Nussbaum’s Mandala series comprises a variety of photographic subjects, ranging from bicycle handles to hydrangeas, woven and repeated into a “mandala” or circle. Found in every culture and faith, a mandala is structured around a unifying center and represents both wholeness and the universe. Mandalas can be found in the circles of the sun, earth and moon but also in our circles of family and friendships. Carol notes, “Weaving elements of my travel photographs or even a trip to a farm stand into a mandala, brings a new mood or movement to the experience.” While typically used as a meditation aid, mandalas can also serve to center living and working spaces.
Following a successful career in advertising, Carol Nussbaum exhibits her photographs and mandalas all over the United States, earning her numerous awards. She has three adult children and lives with her husband in Short Hills, New Jersey.