Vos 2023 Full Show

Visions of Self is an annual show of work from female artists across the world. It’s hosted by the Women’s Voices, Women’s Vision group of Yosemite Sierra Artists. In our third year, we’re featuring 100 pieces from 9 countries across the world, with work depicting women’s self-portraiture, environment, emotions, and state of being.
Not Broken
Jessica Allen
This is Me
Jessica Allen
Honorable Mention
Shattered But Not Broken
Lisa Anderson
Lisa Anderson
Mirror Image
Sofia Angelini
Self Care
Sofia Angelini
Study of Laura 2
Cheryl Barnett
Grandmother Spider Weaves the Universe
Sheila Boyd
My Mother’s Daughter
Donna Bozarth
Honorable Mention
As I look I feel…
Jordan Brady
Lazuli Bunting
Amy Brodie Scout
Sista Sarah
Veronica Butler
Maiden, Mother, Queen as One
Michele Chmielewski
Multifaceted Self
Michele Chmielewski
Retura Claar
Time Bomb
Alice Conniff
Wondering Musician
Angelica Cullotta
Fractured Self
Wendy Denton
Patterns of Self
Kathleen Edson
Sterling Silver and Stones Lariat & Earring Set
Karen English
This is Me
Raquel Ewalt
Reflections Taking Shape
Magdalena Fin
Winds of Change
Hannelore Fischer
After the Fire
Ruth Foote
Lisa Franklin
Past, Present, Future
Christie Goldstein
Cards of Life
Anne Grandy
Selfie 2023
Lisa Greenstein
Soul- 12
Juhi Gupta
An Appointment With Toast
Mary Beth Harrison
Sofia Igari
Sofia Igari
Honorable Mention
My Head Sounds Like That
Aileen Imperatrice
Honorable Mention
Rock Paper Scissors
Aileen Imperatrice
Mother’s Nature
Karen Jones
I’m Not Okay
Savanna Jones
All We Hold
Kathleen Kabbani
House of Broken Dreams
Elizabeth Kayl
Tenebrous Oasis
Haley Keene
The “Good Goddess” Appearing At Vernal Fall Pool
Kathleen Ella Kelly
Betsy Kendall
Betsy Kendall
Untitled self portrait
Kristin Kessey
An Oak with a View
Monica Lasgoity
Hearing Voices
Ren Lee
My Grandfather and Me
Ningxin Li
Barbara Liss
With Age, Wisdom
Barbara Liss
Melanie Lopez
Education Under Attack
Britta Manges
War Paint
Adrienne Maples
Zkatrina, the goddess of time
Kathy Marks
Artist’s Hand/Forever Behind the Camera
Lucia Martino
Illustrated Selfie
Carrie McClish
Self Portrait in teal
Barbara Mellin
Watching You, Watching Me
Gina Mims
Best of Show
Tetiana Molchanova
First Place
I Am That I Am
Sophia Moreau
They Saved Me
Jennifer Moss
Karmen Naccarato
Shroud of Stars
Karmen Naccarato
Winter and Death
Karmen Naccarato
Working Up A Lather
Tomye Neal Madison
Amplitude Modulation
Ashley Nebeker
Heather Olsen
Light and Dark
Heather Olsen
At The River
Penny Otwell
In Shadow
Penny Otwell
Schooldays, Long Ago
Eliede Pounds
Honorable Mention
The Girls of Afghanistan
Lindsey Preciado-Weaver
Leah Probst
The Fall of Mary
Ann Reitan
Amanda Rittenhouse
Being There, Letting Go
Velda Ruddock
Pious Humor
Velda Ruddock
Pleasure of Your Company
Velda Ruddock
Desert Rains
Suzanne Sandboe
A Vision of Beauty
Maria Schwendeman
Maria Schwendeman
No One Came Here to Hide //13
Margaret Scott
First Place
No One Came Here to Hide //207
Margaret Scott
Helin Cansu Serindag
Self Portrait
Kathryn Shaw
Figuring Out the Labyrinth of Life
Cecelia Sheeter
All Up in the Air
Lura Schwarz Smith
This Way or That
Lura Schwarz Smith
Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
Brooke Soukup
When I was Cartoon
Mikayla Soukup
Caryn Stromberg
Caryn Stromberg
Third Place
Katrina Thibodeau
Second Place
The Watcher
Johanna Torbenson
I Contain Multitudes (Cotton Candy Sunset)
Annie Tull
Poetics of Everyday – The Invisibles
Mariza Versiani Formaggini
Hearts on my Cheeks
Marjowyn Vito
Inner Landscape
Monique Wales
Taking the Edge Off
Miranda Wass
Dancing Through Time
Joyce Wycoff
A Doll in her Room
Huahan Zhang
A Doll in her Room
Huahan Zhang
Floating Above It All
Jane Zich