Hiding behind Glass

by Sarah Harvey
Sawbridgeworth Ward, He United Kingdom
Painting: Watercolor
Link to Purchase: www.sarahharvey.co.uk

Vision Statement

This painting is a self portrait that portrays my feelings of fragility. I avoid direct eye contact to the viewer but look at the viewer through the reflected image of the mirror, which is much softer in focus.
Slightly murky and dust ridden, this mirror is my protector, my safe zone in which I feel I can comunicate with more confidence.
Adding to this, I have placed a glaze across the eyes, mask like, and another barrier between myself and who I'm looking at.
Within the painting, I have feathers, these symbolising strength, trust and honour, which I have lost in the last few years. Paired with this, I wear a lace top, symbolizing innocence and new beginnings.