Hope for Africa

by Marci Stacey
Idaho Falls, ID United States
Painting: Oil
Link to Purchase: WINSS.org

Vision Statement

This painting embodies the hope and compassion I feel every time I think of the women and children of Africa. As I put in every stroke, I painted my spirit's desire to create opportunities for the women and children of these countries I traveled through, lived in and connected to. I may not be able to give every viewer the experiences I lived through, the frustration and anger I felt at abuse, the wonder of the colors and music, but I hope I can give the viewer even a small window in to my heart's desire as they look into the eyes of my Hope for Africa.
WINSS is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving opportunities to vulnerable populations for self-sufficiency. Over 3,000 fabric sanitary pads made by volunteers and designed and hand dispersed by artist, to village women and school girls across 3 countries. Every purchase of art by this artist funds the mission for vulnerable populations world wide. We cannot bring everyone to countries of opportunities, but we can bring opportunities to everyone in every country.