by Margarita Henriksson
Akersberga / Stockholm, Sweden
Digital Art
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Vision Statement

About my artwork “Versatility” – first of all, it is a desire to show versatility of a character through different outfits. How often do we ask ourselves - what do I want to be today? A funny, mischievous girl in ripped jeans and sneakers? Or an elegant lady who is going to a party? Or I'm going on a seaside vacation with a new sunhat? Or maybe I am a happy bride in a wedding dress today? Or are all these images just a facade behind which I hide my true character? Do my clothes reflect the real me, or do I skillfully hide my true character, temperament, or children complexes behind them? Maybe am I still looking for my own unique style - where are the ripped jeans, but nevertheless with a beautiful finish, and behind the elegant dress in peach tones - bright, provocative shoes? It remains only to provoke myself - am I feminine and docile, or are hidden passions raging inside me?