Mamartist: Work-Life Balance

by Barbara Porczyńska
Lancut, Poland
Painting: Oil

Vision Statement

The piece „MaMartist: work-life balance” is a double auto portrait painted directly on real frying pans I used in my kitchen. The composition of the work resembles the yin-yang, sacrum and profane. The artwork balances between everyday and art.
Motherhood changes the life of the woman but it does not mean the necessity of locking her in the house and surrendering her professional life. The artist, becoming a mother, does not need to quit her creative work. Motherhood can inspire the mother-artist’s work.
I wish to create a space in which following traditional patterns must not necessarily mean rejecting the contemporary way of being a woman. Tradition can complement or enrich the postmodern approach to creativity.
Currently, the scope of responsibilities of the mother - or more generally - a woman grows to a broad spectrum of new duties. In the effect, a contemporary woman exists in a permanent conflict - inner - with herself and outside - struggling to meet the requirements enforced by the environment.