by Meagan Tarka
Greeley, CO United States
Painting: Oil
Not for Sale

Vision Statement

This piece is a reminder to be present. To bask in the sunshine, to inhale the fresh air, to take it all in. Every breath, every passing moment, to be fully aware of self. To flourish as a beautiful creation, co-existing with the earth we have been gifted. This piece was inspired by a poem written by a dear friend, Regan Noelle Smith. The poem, “purification” is written, “My head is in the process of clearing, my soul is in the process of cleansing, and the dynamics of my day are ever shifting, moving, pulsing, stretching. I choose not to clench it within my fists like running water, but instead, simply allow this present state to come and go—demanding nothing of it, aside from my attention.”