Fragments of Emotions

by JiWoo Ryu
Seoul, Korea
Painting: Acrylic
Not for Sale

Vision Statement

I am the teenage girl who tries to hide her emotions by maintaining an expressionless face, because I do not want other people to feel uncomfortable or any conflicts to occur. I drew my face from a different angle,pose, and facial expressions using extreme colors to express that there are a lot of emotions that I am hiding behind my expressionless face. In the center, I drew my neutral facial expressions I ususally have. I only used pencils to look more frigid. With a rough touch and reddish colors I wanted to show my anger. On the top, I tried to demonstrate the goals that I have and my gloomy future.
The galaxy symbolizes my dreams and star expresses all my sweat and tears to reach my goal. I used blue tones to give a depressive mood. On the left side, I drew my happy face with tears. By using bright tones and pop-art I tried to give a refreshing tone. However if you see it carefully, you can see the crying face colored with grayish yellow. This tells that although I am smiling in front of people, I always have sadness inside me. It both contrasts and shows my ironic feelings. On the last step, I sculpted the illustration board into shapes. If you see it carefully the shapes are all different, which expresses my fragments of different feelings bursting out.