Age of Aquarius

by Ruth Davenport
New Haven, CT United States
Painting: Acrylic
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Vision Statement

Age of Aquarius
This acrylic painting is a reflection of the abrupt change in our world, lockdown - shut out from the world we were accustomed to, everything changed: work, family, friends and social environment. We were thrusted into an unfamiliar world, a desolate world, now void of entertaining distractions, and dropped into a world of survival.
This portrait represents me trying to figure how I was going to move forward in an apocalyptic world. After the initial shock of the “new normal,” I finally had to admit to myself that: this is now my life, a very uncertain life. However through it all, something subtly and peacefully started to emerge.
With time on my hands, I returned to my roots of meditation and started to listen to my inner voice which amplified my creativity. I took my love of drawing into painting and filling my walls with my art. And each day that I would wake up I was surrounded by that artistic love. The more I went into the quietness of my soul, the more I started to let go of my outside persona.
This change helped me to be unmuted and give a conscious voice to sacred things. My inner world kept me sane, especially in the eye of the storm and it also exposed my imbalanced life. I started to heal from uncomfortable hurts instead of running away from them, I confronted them and released them.
My “old self” transitioned into a more creative and aware person.