by Karmen Naccarato
Coeur d'Alene, ID United States
Mixed Media
Link to Purchase: www.moonwillow.me

Vision Statement

I seated myself by the hearth. Look. Embers smoldering, sleeping quietly amid a bed of ash. Gently awakening them with a deep breath. Adding sticks and rose petals, lavender, and mint, the smoke curls slowly up.

I fill my lungs with another breath, deep and full, exhaling long and slow. Whispering wishes and tidings of love as I coax the coals to come to life. Wake up. Wake up. With each breath, the embers glow, hotter and hotter until with one last breath the fire springs to life.

The flames grow with snapping effervescent sparks, roaring as if it is answering me. I sit there by the fire, telling it of my life, my dreams, my wishes while drinking coffee. The glow of the fire warms my face and comforts me. I feed it more rose petals.

The fire burned fiercely and spoke. It tells me stories of the Pheonix rising from the ashes and that I too can rise from the ashes. Telling me it is a catalyst for change and transformation, creativity and courage. Its flames are cleansing and purifying, burning away that which is no longer needed, making way for new growth. Lean into my passions. Trust myself more. Make room for spontaneity, joy, and play. Take action. Move forward. As long as there is breath in my lungs I too can become a roaring fire, bursting with energy and creativity.

I sit here at the hearth, feeding the fire more rose petals, learning rituals to heal.