My Mother's Rings

by Venezia Quezada
Fullerton, CA United States
Mixed Media
Not for Sale

Vision Statement

My Mother's Rings is inspired by a thought process I call "Self-aging". After experiencing a recent death of a loved one, it has caused me to think about what my life will be like years ahead. It happens when I look at my mother's hands. My present becomes the past. I become an 80-year-old woman looking at a memory. The rings my mother had promised to give me when I got older are the ones I've inherited after she died. I feel an emptiness from missing her so much. But this feeling doesn't last long. I snap back into reality and take my focus from her hands to her face. I move quickly to give her a tight hug. Sometimes it happens so out of the blue that she asks me what's wrong, to which I respond, "I love you". I know that what I believe I will feel in the future is just a projection of all the emotions I've been feeling now. That being said, though this habit of Self-aging is painful and triggering, It makes me appreciate every part of my life in the present moment.