Blackbird Fly

by Joy Crotty
Coarsegold, CA United States
Mixed Media
Not for Sale

Vision Statement

I often start by painting several canvases with various washes of color, lining them in my hallway, and then, when I am ready to paint something, I choose one as my mood dictates. This one came together almost like creating a collage. I drew myself with a sharpie, looking in a makeup mirror, then added a bird and barbed wire from a photo I took waiting for my tacos at the taco truck, then drew and painted in some Jimson weeds from a photo I took on a walk around the lake. I enjoy the free association, the unfolding of the art, the meaning derived from juxtaposistion, the mood lent from the greenish background. This painting speaks of fences and freedom and the wild and unexpected flowering of weeds and women in unlikely soil.