Sterling Silver and Stones Lariat & Earring Set

by Karen English
Madera, CA United States

Vision Statement

I've been creating jewelry for many years now and I have a fine collection of beautiful, hand-picked stones. At this point in my jewelry-making, custom orders or special requests are difficult. I have to just "go with it" now. I handle the stones, roll them in
my hands while trying one combo with another and hope they "talk" to me. When they don't, I struggle and pieces seem awkward.
I love designing asymmetrical pieces balanced by color, form and texture. When a design is balanced I feel a visceral calm. A peace comes over me and I know it's finished.
With this piece I knew I wanted to use these colors and these stones - onyx and amazonite - to make a lariat with an interesting focal. I like the bead pattern, movement and the way the sterling wire cooperated into graceful curves to hold the lead bead. It feels good.