Reflections Taking Shape

by Magdalena Fin
Hamden, CT United States

Vision Statement

Text and art have always been intertwined and my work explores the visions that are evoked in the viewer as result of encounters with words. Texts and images are all around us; at times, they may seem inescapable. In a world saturated by sounds and colors, what we view, read and hear shapes our identities and points of view. Just as a writer revises their work until they are satisfied, we constantly strive for improvement, rewriting ourselves and often capturing the most intimate of moments to see progress. "Reflections Taking Shape" references Cixous' "Laugh of Medusa" in which she challenges women to "write themselves" back into history. Cixous' siren call to women is just as relevant today as it was back in 1975t. Her words inspired the imagery of the woman in a state of hibernation and rebirth. The image of her body curled into a fetal position grows at both ends; she is at once growing roots as well as growing branches- her body is still, yet pulled apart.