Shroud of Stars

by Karmen Naccarato
Coeur d'Alene, ID United States
Digital Art

Vision Statement

"Shrouded in Stars" is a striking image that explores the role of the crone as the bridge between life and death, the familiar and the unknown. The artwork is divided into three sections, each representing a different aspect of this concept. The left side is filled with vibrant colors and patterns, symbolizing the messy and chaotic nature of life. It represents the full range of human experience, including the challenges and sorrows, as well as the triumphs and celebrations. In the center, the crone is depicted with a shroud of stars, representing her role as the guide through the great mystery of death, through her wisdom and compassion. On the right side of the image, the composition is made up of primarily purples and blues and uses fewer, more simple patterns, representing calmness and the Otherside. There is a touch of green and yellow-orange peeking through, along with a glowing red orb that represents transformation and the spark of rebirth.