Winter and Death

by Karmen Naccarato
Coeur d'Alene, ID United States
Digital Art

Vision Statement

Winter and Death' is a captivating image that presents a powerful representation of the crone archetype. This image creates a sense of the vast unknown, the dark time of the year, winter, and death. The crone welcomes the viewer to her realm, offering a peaceful, quiet space to unburden their hearts, to set their worries down as she shares her wisdom through ancient stories, stories of our ancestors, stories of our own lives, our sorrows, our joys, and the stories that can only be told after our death. The black shroud over her head blends into the darkness of the vast unknown, representing the great mystery of what lies beyond this life, and the stories of transformation and rebirth. This image also represents the transience of life and the fact that death is an inevitable process, but the crone archetype, being the symbol of wisdom, guides us through it. This piece invites us to explore the wisdom of the crone archetype and the transformative power of the unknown.