Honorable Mention

The Girls of Afghanistan

by Lindsey Preciado-Weaver
North Fork, CA United States

Vision Statement

This piece represents the fate of women in Afghanistan.

The recent ban on education for women and girls in Afghanistan is unconscionable. Last fall a school in Kabul, Afghanistan was targeted by a suicide bomber. The students were sitting in for mock exams in preparation for university. Female students sat at the front of the room, segregated from the boys. A suicide bomber targeted the rows where the girls sat, snuffing out over 30 beautiful and promising lives. The world continues to watch and condemn the treatment of women in Afghanistan yet no one is taking any real course of action. Humanity has failed in this regard. The work is meant to avail the viewer to hold our world leaders accountable.
Each black raffia bow in this piece represents two of the young women lost to violence and terrorism. May we hold them forever in our hearts, they were lanterns in the darkness.