Visions of Self is an annual show of work from female artists across the world. It’s hosted by the Women’s Voices, Women’s Vision group of Yosemite Sierra Artists. In our second year, we’re featuring over 100 artists from 14 countries, with work including the subjects of self-portraiture, environment, emotions, and state of being.

Colorful Bubble

Jelena Petkovic
Paris, Îl France
Painting: Oil

Everyone have their special talent, mine is to see the world enhanced. As a child I was always painting with nuances that were too intense according to my art teachers. It wasn’t because I couldn’t mix my paint or didn’t see the color, but because I wanted to put an accent on each part. Ever since I was a child I always felt and experienced the world and other people strongly, as if I was looking through a microscope, I always wanted to better understand the human condition. The colorful bubbles in my self-portrait are like the special looking glasses trough which we can see behind the identity, they are my view at myself, completing the picture of the visible reality that appears between the bubbles, they show the parts of me that can’t be seen but are there.

Price: 500 USD

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