Painting – Acrylic

Spring Flow

$1500 USD

24x30x2 inches

About the Artist


My work is inspired by nature and the impressions I get outdoors and on nature walks. When I paint, I become silent and receptive and open up to my inner vision. With my abstract work, I aim to be spontaneous without pre-conception. I begin with fluid, large gestural brush strokes often in primary colors and respond to what emerges on the canvas. Being present in the moment, I let inspiration come to me and so translate my inner vision into form. When painting figuratively or depicting landscapes, flora and fauna I look for the essence and let it guide me. My stippled, sprayed or dabbed marks become smaller and denser as the image develops. You could say it is a neo-impressionist approach, reminiscent of pointillism, as the dots, circles and marks interact optically to form shapes and colors. My reductive process of wiping some of the paint away before it is dry and only leaving the outlines results in a semi-translucent tapestry where edges blur and previous layers are partially revealed. I keep my brush marks loose for freshness and aliveness.
This weaving of layers and shapes echoes my inner knowing that everything is connected and in constant flux. Gradually the image takes shape in biomorphic rhythms and patterns that invoke nature’s spirit. My vivid hues and often unusual color combinations conjure up spiritual realms, not taken from our “normal” reality. The ideal and the real come together in universal shapes such as spirals and spheres. They seem to fluctuate and pulse, calling up distant worlds or microscopic cell structures, creating a drifting or suspended energy in imaginary space.

My paintings tend to engage the viewer in some way and invite participation by looking closer. They are meant to evoke a dialog, awaken curiosity and inspire with their soulful and universal nature.

Hannelore Fischer M.F.A