by Kristin Kessey
$4600 USD

12x14x14 inches

About the Artist

I was born in Oakland, California. Between then and now I have explored and experienced many things – travel, people, cultures, art, history, science and a wide variety of jobs – mostly but not exclusively in education of some sort or another.

Throughout my time on the planet I have made art and do not recall a single moment in my life where art was not a part of who I am. My parents were creative people and fostered that into my upbringing and consciousness. I was taught that as a woman I should not let myself be limited to what I could accomplish in life. I explored the sciences throughout my education but while I retained a keen interest in biology, geology and chemistry, I kept returning to making art as the passion that sustains me. I also came to discover several years ago that teaching art and encouraging creativity in students was something very important to me.

I have learned to combine my interest in science and in art. My art work helps me connect to the natural world.  I primarily explore imagery derived from nature.  My work centers on the fragility of the environment that humans seek to manipulate.  I strive for the work I make to stimulate thinking beyond the physical materials, tactile qualities and socio-political issues relating to the environment.  The work I make is strongly personal, it touches on issues that are common to us all… identity, emotion, love, turmoil, misfortune, peace, and growth.  I seek metaphors that weave our humanity with nature to find answers to life’s questions.  I make art to help me formulate my questions about life and the world I live in.  I choose to create metaphorical references in the form of both object and installation.
I utilize a wide variety of materials to create my sculptures, primarily clay, bronze, cast & kiln formed glass and wood. These are materials of the earth and I enjoy the way they form and work together.